Take. The. Leap.
Take. The. Leap.

Are video & pictures something I need?

Let us be honest. The acknowledgement of any additional fees on a product, including for a video on their skydive, gives pause to anyone. Not necessarily because the video or the skydive itself is out of your price range, but adding to the bill on ‘unnecessary’ (as if that’s the word to describe any element of this experience) products is not always a priority.

I’m going to convince you to buy the video regardless (it’s my job) only because I understand the significance of it for this adventure. Their significance can be described in many ways; one being that a skydive is awesome and, therefore, a video of your jump is awesome by association. But also because the video of your jump gives you the chance to relive one of the most daring experiences of your life whenever you want with whoever you want. When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t look back on your life and relish the times you saved a little money. You will remember the happiness, the little bit of crazy, the ups and the downs, and your skydive is no exception to this rule.

The video is not just about the canopy flight, the freefall, or even the landing; it is about the entire experience combining into one awesome moment. A skydive brings out your inner caveman emotions, how brave, anxious, happy you were; the video is just meant to capture them.

Our Video Packages




The Personal is distinctly awesome, yet a different experience and it lies in the jump POV.

For this video, the instructor will attach a camera to his wrist for the entire skydive, including the exit, freefall, canopy ride and landing.

The unique aspects of this video is that it gets a close up view of your face as you fall back to earth, including the time under the canopy. This is a great option for a reduction in price, yet the pro video is undoubtedly awesome experience that we recommend for anyone on his or her first jump.




The Professional package is most often purchased for first-timers. Each USPA licensed camera operator trains yearlong to have the ability to record your face better than anyone does. With any type of video, we will talk to you before your jump to see if you have any last words; we’ll capture the moment the excitement sinks in as the plane ferries you to altitude; along with your overly nervous expressions as you slowly come to terms with the fact that you’re about to jump out of a plane.

With the professional video, you have a separate jumper for the video who has the ability to fly around you getting pictures and video from all angles. He or she will fly around you, up to you, give you a high five, get you to pose for the video, then let you relish in the moment. At 5,000 feet, the cameraman will record the parachute opening before beating you down to the landing zone where he will capture your culminating return to earth.




The Ultimate package is the crown jewel of skydive videos. This option combines the distinct benefits of both types of videos (handycam and pro) to make a single, crazy awesome video. Not only will you have a camera attached to the wrist of your instructor, but also another jumper with you to record up close and from a distance. This gives us the ability to capture every aspect of your jump from your emotions to the view.

While it is the most expensive option, it is absolutely worth it. One of the craziest and most dramatic experiences of your life deserves a video that can capture everything.


After you land and while you celebrate your skydive, the rough-cut of your video is edited by a team of Skydive Georgia professions, transforming your video into what can only be described as a skydive music video. The final-cut is your skydive set to music, titles, transitions and special effects to give your skydive an extra bump of awesomeness, as if it needs it. Skydive Georgia has accumulated a large set of songs to be featured in each video; however, you may not select the song for your video to avoid copyright infringements. The process of editing your video and downloading it onto a USB often takes up to an hour, but the product is worth the wait. After that, you can take your video home, watch it and share with anyone you want!

Things to Know about your skydiving video


Excited Jumper: *purchases video* “So that video will be for our entire group, right?”

Dropzone Employee: *sighs*

It is not uncommon for someone new to skydiving to assume the video they purchase will be for an entire group of people. While this is a perfectly settling thought, it just is not plausible. Every jumper exits the aircraft sequentially after a certain amount of time between jumpers. Moreover, while skydivers wish the laws of physics did not apply to them, the videographer cannot fly back up for the next person’s video.

The interview before the jump, the plane flight and after the jump will be filmed with the intention of including friends or family in your video. Yet the jump itself can only have one star.

Consider this: Your first jump is the only first skydive you will ever get.

Take this seriously, because skydiving for the first time is literally an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not to say you can only jump once or that the feeling fades over time, because it does not. We support and encourage each jumper to become a part of the daily craziness at Skydive Georgia. However, your first jump is a single first step that you cannot reclaim.

The only true way to experience your first jump again is to document it and play it back. If a skydiver ever has a regret, it is that they chose to save the money and not get the video. You don’t want to be the person who misses the opportunity to relive their skydive repeatedly.

Document the most memorable and crazy experience of your life. Call Skydive Georgia at 770.684.3483.