22nd Fitz Boogie (Fitzgerald GA)


A St. Patrick’s Day celebration centered around skydiving featuring tandem jumps, skydive clinics, merchandise booths, music, food, massive bonfires and more. Event info can be found here:https://www.facebook.com/events/523597381825372/

Safety Day


An event to kick off the spring season where experienced jumpers can recertify and safety protocols are reiterated.

Jump for Heart Awareness!


Skydive Georgia is presenting a fundraiser for the America Heart Association. We have organized a day of fun for Tandem Skydiving, a food truck and the community to educate their selves on heart health. We have even coordinated a blood drive that you can donate to on that day! When you donate to the American Heart Association your gift funds …

Evolution of Skydiving

Skydive Georgia Skydiving

The sport of freefall skydiving is a relatively young sport. There are new tactics and records being broken on a daily basis. You might wonder, what nutcase decided that it is cool to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? History of Skydiving The first parachute jump was made by Andre-Jacques Garnerin on October 22nd, 1797. Because this was before …